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Equal Voice is the Marguerite Casey Foundation’s belief that families can lead a movement to advance equitable public policies that support the well-being of all families. The Foundation created regional Equal Voice Networks of grassroots organizations (comprised of Foundation grantees) to create the infrastructure for such a movement.


Equal Voice Networks are facilitated by individuals the Foundation refers to as “network weavers.” This video explains more about the role of the network weaver. The strongest Equal Voice networks are those that have a network weaver who assists grantees in building and strengthening their network. The foundation supports network weavers in regions across the country to facilitate ongoing communication and coordinated action.


Each network hires one weaver to facilitate its work. A committee designated by network’s  members oversees the work of the weaver. The network weaver is paid a salary that is funded by a project grant from the Foundation and funneled through the network’s host organization.


Alabama’s Equal Voice Network includes the following organizations. While diverse in size, programming and mission, they share a common goal of advocating for working families:


  • Alabama Arise

  • Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice

  • Alabama Institute for Social Justice

  • Greater Birmingham Ministries

  • ¡HICA! Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama

  • VOICES for Alabama’s Children

  • The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham


Network Weaver General Responsibilities


  • Facilitate relationship building among network organizations to build and sustain effective collaborations and deepen movement-building efforts. 

  • Facilitate a joint session with network organizations annually developing a strategic vision and work plan for network goals and activities.

  • Coordinate communications within the network, including keeping members up to date about meetings, network activities and opportunities for collaboration.

  • Support the network through phases of growth and development, including providing network orientation for new member organizations and individual participants.

  • Serve as liaison between the network and Marguerite Casey Foundation, including but not limited to, sharing information and supporting network participation in grantee convening sessions, communications, media efforts and special requests.


Alabama Network Weaver Specific Duties


  • Fundraising: seek new and/or additional funding to support the goals of the AEVN, write Network Weaver renewal grant and complete grant reports, to be approved by AEVN executive directors. The final, approved Network Weaver grants and reports will be submitted by the fiscal agent, while new and/or additional funding may be submitted by the Network Weaver on behalf of AEVN.

  • PR/Communications: Support intra-network and external communications, including social media.

  • Administrative: Facilitate network-related communications between the network and the Marguerite Casey Foundation, including emails, conference calls, communications and media opportunities and Foundation staff participation in network meetings. 

  • Maintain a master calendar of network meetings and events.

  • Facilitate joint vision and planning session with Network leadership and organizers to determine structure.

  • Facilitate network meetings, including: preparing agendas, note taking, presenting, coordinating as well as arranging venue, food and other logistics.

  • Facilitate the nomination of one young person to receive the Sargent Shriver Youth Warriors against Poverty Award.

  • Organize network events and participate in network member organization events, rallies, and actions, as needed.

  • Organize Foundation, grantee and Network Weaver meetings, conference calls and webinars.


Network Weaver’s Relationship to the Network


The network weaver serves the entire network, never any single group or any individual within the groups. In the spirit of Equal Voice, the network weaver ensures that each organization within the network has equal input and equal involvement in the agenda, direction and mission of the network. While the network weaver can be an employee of one of the network members, the network must keep network duties separate from that of his/her employer. The network weaver’s salary and pay schedule is set by the network, and any concerns relating to either must be resolved by the network.


Contract Details 


This is an 18-month, $60,000 contract position. In addition to Weaver duties, the major deliverable of this contract position will be to orchestrate a virtual Equal Voice Network convening in partnership with all of the member organizations to occur sometime in 2021. 

Please send your resume and cover letter to

The Alabama Equal Voice Network is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, creed, sex, age, disability, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, veteran or military status, or any other characteristics protected under applicable law.

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